East Africa Today: An interview with Maria Sarungi Tsehai


In episode 13, East Africa Today speaks with Ms. Maria Sarungi Tsehai, Director of Productions at Compass Communications Ltd. and Miss Universe Tanzania National Director. Ms. Tsehai enlightens us about the communications sector in Tanzania and having an effective communications strategy in the social media era. We examine how Twitter has changed the way journalists cover news and how we are more likely to learn about breaking news on social media rather than television. As a producer she provides insight on the challenges of getting a program on the air and the pushback you receive from pitching creative and new content. We also discuss about Change Tanzania, a movement pioneered by Ms. Tsehai that focuses on bringing positive and sustainable change to Tanzania. It is in this context we ask her what a changed Tanzania looks like and what President Jakaya Kikwete’s legacy will be when all is said and done. 


Ms. Tsehai is a veteran in the communications, journalism and fashion industry. Her unique experiences have led her to help and guide many young Tanzanian women entering the fashion world including successful models like Flaviana Matata. Ms. Tsehai prides herself in helping and supporting young female Tanzanians fulfill their dreams and hopes. Though she does not classify herself as a feminist, Ms. Tsehai does believe in equality for everyone and she approached her work with this principle. At Compass Communications she has directed and produced a number of programs broadcasted on national television as well as various products commissioned by clients including the Prevention of Corruption Bureau (PCB), now the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) and the United Nations Development (UNDP).

Ms. Tsehai's company, Compass Communications Ltd. is an independent production company that is well known for programs such as Art n Style, Facets and Chombo Na Mwendo. It is also the key partner and organizer of the Miss Universe Tanzania beauty pageant. Compass Communications is a recipient of the prestigious Royal Commonwealth Vision Awards.

You can follow Ms. Tsehai on Twitter: @MariaSTsehai

Photo: Maria Sarungi Tsehai


Podcast: East Africa Today: An interview with Maria Sarungi Tsehai

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