East Africa Today: An interview with Elvis Mushi


In Episode 27, East Africa Today pays a visit to the Twaweza offices and speaks with Mr. Elvis Mushi, Lead Researcher of  Sauti za Wananchi (Voices of Citizens) an initiative of Uwazi. Mr. Mushi takes us through the recent report published by Sauti za Wananchi, which takes a look at Tanzania's form IV results from the parents' perspective. How do parents perceive the education system? Who do parents blame for the results? Should the parents also share the blame of the failed education system in Tanzania? In the podcast we disscect the report and try to figure out ways to address the key challenges raised by the survey. Is there silver lining? It is clear that more work needs to be done especially by the community from the teachers to the parents. Why aren't parents actively involved in helping their children with homework? Mr. Mushi provides some insight to the trends outlined by the report as well as the way forward in improving the education system in Tanzania. 

Mr. Mushi is currently the Lead Researcher of Sauti za Wananchi an initiative that uses mobile phones to collect information from a cross-section of Tanzanian citizens. It is a unique initiative that is able to gauge the pulse of the country as well as inform citizens of what's going on and support policy-makers to be responsive and aware of the needs and aspirations of their constituents. Prior to his tenure at Twaweza, Mr. Mushi has handled multiple market and social surveys involving qualitative and quantitative research techniques in both Kenya and Tanzania while working with Ipsos-SynovateMr. Mushi has successfully implemented quarterly nationwide surveys such as the Social Political Economic Barometer (SPEC) as well as a pre and post-election opinion poll for Tanzania in 2010 for UNDP. 

Mr. Mushi holds a degree in International Business Administration from United States International University in Nairobi, Kenya. 

You can follow Mr. Mushi on Twitter: (@mushielvis)

Picture: Elvis Mushi

Podcast: East Africa Today: An interview with Elvis Mushi

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