East Africa Today: An interview with Elsie Eyakuze


In episode 9 and as part of our online launch and promotion of the new Development Journal, African Strategies for Transformation, East Africa Today is paid a visit by Ms. Elsie Eyakuze of the Mikocheni Report and columnist for The East African. Ms. Eyakuze talks about her chapter in the journal called 'Re-rebranding Africa: Challenges to the African Renaissance' where she looks at how to resolve the tensions in Africa between traditional and modern value systems. She speaks to East Africa Today about the drivers of Africa's transformation and of the rebranding phenomenon. In the podcast she interrogates the 'Africa Rising' narrative being promoted and emphasized by the likes of The Economist and Time Magazine among others and how they ignore some hard truths. Ms. Eyakuze also speaks about what it means to be a feminist in East Africa and whether Tanzania is undergoing a political identity crisis. 


Ms. Eyakuze pursued degrees in Sociology and Development studies before settling on a career that involves writing about those topics. She blogs for the Mikocheni Report and offers her opinion on a weekly basis in The East African regional newspaper. Because of that, she warmly encourages her readers to set aside a little monetary contribution for the day when she needs bail to get out of Segerea Prison. She is a self-appointed feminist and Tanzaphile. 

In the past Ms. Eyakuze worked in the NGO sector with organizations such as CARE International in Tanzania, the Policy Forum and the International Trachoma Initiative among others. She also worked as a media analyst at Serengeti Advisers for a spell. As a consultant, she worked on an exciting variety of projects, some successful, some inexplicably terrible, all of them interesting. In her younger days, she played a little football and wasn't horrible at it if she says so herself. Ms. Eyakuze pursued her undergraduate degree at Bryn Mawr College and post-graduate studies at the University of Sussex. 

You can follow Ms. Eyakuze on Twitter: @MikocheniReport

Photo: Elsie Eyakuze (via Dunia Duara




Podcast: East Africa Today: An interview with Elsie Eyakuze

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