Is East Africa running out of money? SID Greater Horn Quarterly

The Futures Program of the Society for International Development (SID) has something new for you. After 38 issues of The Greater Horn Outlook Newsletter under the Trend Monitoring Report Series, the newsletter is now transforming into The Greater Horn Quarterly (GHQ) that will continue to monitor trends and offer insights on current issues within the region. As was previously the case the publication will focus broadly on the Greater Horn – from Djibouti through to Tanzania, the Eastern DRC, the two Sudan’s and everything else in between.

Is East Africa Running Out of Money? In this inaugural issue we take a look at the promise of economic growth, the struggle of governments to balance the books and the new-found romance with Eurobond listings. Amidst the fanfare and anticipation, there is also a risk that debt may yet come to hang on our collective necks like a millstone.

The current travails that Argentina is going through should serve as a cautionary tale. Romance with the global financial markets might be fun - but this fun lasts for as long as things are going well. So, let’s all shed a tear for Argentina!

François Arine Makanze reports to us from the future. Journeying back to the present, we are invited to share in the predicament of Adan Mohamed and, now that the dust has settled after the soccer World Cup held in Brazil, you can read what the [un]dresser of chiefs has to say of East Africa’s future prospects in this tournament, amongst other things.

Welcome as we embark on this journey.

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