EAC budgets not honoring Maputo declaration on agriculture

East African Community (EAC) budget allocations to agriculture

Photo credit: New Vision Uganda

By Stephen Muchiri

The matter of agriculture being the backbone of the East African Community (EAC) economies is now common knowledge.

In the same respect, the sector deserves special attention and prioritisation especially during national budget’s planning processes. Cognizant of the role played by agriculture in mitigating household poverty and food insecurity, the heads of the EAC partner states became parties to the signing of the 2003 Maputo and 2014 Malabo declarations.

This was as a renewal of commitment to ensure the implantation of 10% national budgetary allocations to agriculture.

However, it is ironic that EAC states have consistently allocated less than 10% of their total budget the sector that employs 80% of the total workforce and contributes 30% to the block’s gross domestic product (GDP).