EA Perception of corruption. Quick tips from the SoEAR 2013

Corruption Perception Index (Transparency International 2012)

Corruption continues to blight the landscape of East Africa’s most important institutions including those responsible for security and justice. The police account for 50 per cent of the most corrupt sectors in the region followed by the judiciary at 30 per cent. When confronted with corrupt practices, few citizens in the region bother to make official complaints: In Kenya, only five per cent indicated that they reported incidents of bribery to the authorities. The figure in the other EAC member states was eight per cent in Uganda, 10 per cent in Burundi, 11 per cent in Tanzania and 15 per cent in Rwanda.

The SoEAR 2013 explores the future of inequality within the five countries of the East African Community.

The report will be launched at 9.00 am on Friday 22nd, 2013 at the Hilton Hotel, in Nairobi, Kenya by the Speaker of the East African Legislative Assembly in the presence of the Members of the East African Legislative Assembly. Download leaflet

Launch event:  22  November 2013  H. 9 am | Nairobi Hilton Hotel
Live streaming @SIDEastAfrica #SoEAR2013 www.sidint.net

The State of East Africa Report is published every year by the Society for International Development with the aim of raising awareness about the East African Community and catalysying an informed engagement and participation in the process of East Africa’s regional integration