Development Vol. 63. Issue 2-4 The World Needs Healthy Commons

This journal issue on 'The World Needs Healthy Commons', inaugurates SID’s engagement in the territory of global health.

This issue intends to stimulate a broad-based reflection about health justice and the politics of care, starting the conversation from the viewpoint of the global fragility that has long afflicted the lives of billions of people around the world, and yet remained concealed until COVID-19 came to tear the veil. On the other hand, the origins of this virus and the major reasons for such anthropogenic migration stem from the induced ecological imbalances that humankind has created. This means that reclaiming health as a social common implies addressing the changes that we need to make in our developmental choices and behaviours as an integral part of the earth’s ecosystem.

Table of Contents

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Editorial: The Vital Pedagogy of the New Coronavirus

Nicoletta Dentico