Development in pictures

Development was founded in 1957 as the journal of the Society for International Development. Since then, the journal has provided a space for debate and cross-fertilization on the most topical issues in the development arena.

By providing articles by a wide variety of actors such as development practitioners, academics and activists, it has brought to international attention issues that were left on the margins, being one of the first publications to talk about gender issues or the link between development and the environment.

Over the years, Development has been both the mirror and the vanguard of the Society, reflecting what SID was experiencing as well as paving the way for new ideas and programmes. With its innovative and fresh insights, it has provided the Society with a tool that could generate a genuine dialogue on key ranging from the future of development, sustainable livelihoods, gender empowerment, and economic justice.

Read about 50 years of Development through the words and the stories of key people and contributors of the Society.

Instructions for authors, rights and permissions, and the full journal's archive of past issues are available on the Palgrave Macmillan's website.