Defending the Right to Food in Age of Digitalization

Please join us on Friday 12 July in New York for the side event “Defending the Right to Food in Age of Digitalization:  Exploring the impacts of dematerialization, digitalization and financialization on our food systems”. From 13:15-14:45. You can RSVP here

Learning from the edition of the Right to Food and Nutrition Watch “When Food Becomes Immaterial”, this interactive dialogue will create the opportunity to discuss key issues related to the future of our food system, as technology continues to play a increasing role that also challenges human rights. 

Over the past few decades, public goods, such as water, education and health – the pillars of human rights – have increasingly been transformed into tradable commodities. Food, of course, has been traded for centuries, yet the recent failure in market regulation has led to its full commodification. As a result, it has contributed to the dispossession of productive resources. This affects peasant communities, damages the environment, and changes our diets for the worse.


Further to this, three intertwined dynamics – dematerialization, digitalization and financialization – are now altering the nature of both tradable goods and the markets where they are exchanged. Our food systems are at an important crossroads. There is now widespread recognition of the failure of the agro-industrial food system even by the World Economic Forum, and other actors who previously promoted the Green Revolution. Despite their recent damnations, these same organizations and actors now claim to have a new 'solution'. This so-called , known as ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ in 'innovative thinking' proposes a fusion of technologies that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres. This presents a new narrative which all of us must engage in to confront the threats that lie ahead.


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Hope to see you there!