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The SID Secretariat is pleased to announce that Larry Cooley has been elected President of the SID International Governing Council.

Development Volume 58.4 on Sustainable Industrial Transformation is out now!

Volume 58.2/3 explores what process of rural transformation will likely emerge from the context of the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development: whether this transformation will be driven by agro-business and therefore succumb to its predatory nature towards land, resources and rights or whether it will be centred around rural and grassroots communities’ interests and demands.

The Nominations and Election Committee of the SID Governing Council is pleased to announce that a new Governing Council has been elected for the period 2017-2020. A full list of the new members and their brief bio-notes can be found here.

Trade unions and campaigners from around the world are boycotting the latest World Bank consultation on PPPs, due to close tomorrow (28 February).

Research shows that PPPs – agreements between the public and private sector to provide infrastructure and services normally delivered by the state – are risky and expensive and contain numerous hidden costs. Currently, most governments leave information about future debts, or contingent liabilities, out of their accounting books, making PPPs look cheaper and more efficient that traditional public procurement.

Sugar tax in Mexico. Salt limits in South Africa. Plain packaging in Australia. National health insurance in Ghana. Mandatory motorcycle helmets in Vietnam. Health care in the United States of America. They’re just some of the hundreds of examples of the vital role the law plays in safeguarding and promoting good health around the world.

In an unprecedented and historic move, the Sixth Committee of the UN General Assembly recently granted observer status to the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). The resolution was submitted by France, Albania, Colombia, the Netherlands and Tunisia and was adopted during the seventy-first session of the General Assembly. The resolution sets out the ICC’s position as observer in the General Assembly from 1 January 2017 on.

Timed to coincide with the UN Member State negotiations to establish a legally binding instrument to regulate activities by Transnational Corporations, the Treaty Alliance mobilizes in and out Palais des Nations and calls for action.

Launched at FAO Headquarters, the Right to Food and Nutrition Watch 2016 warns seeds and biodiversity are under threat as a result of the increasing corporate capture and the states’ neglect. Press release here