Areas of Engagement


by Jan Pronk


The Somali Diaspora

Q: In respect to the worsening of the crisis in both the political and humanitarian fields, are the efforts of the diaspora growing? Or do you think that the motivations are bringing pessimism rather than a positive solution?

by Angela Zarro

The discussion was structured in 3 main tracks focusing on migration in relation to: MDGs, integration/reintegration issues and institutional and political coherence. Issues such as the role of Diaspora, integration, protection and empowerment of migrants, the effectiveness of circular migration and reintegration for development, amongst the others, were addressed during the two-day meeting.


Q: Considering the growing divergence between the US and rich nations on one side and China and India on the other side, what can we expect from the Copenhagen summit?

Q: To what extent are the crises in Sudan a function of resource conflicts at the community level and to what extent are these influenced by the clash between traditional and modern property right regimes?

by Jan Pronk

Millions of people are living in forgotten cities. They are refugees and displaced persons, put away in camps at the margins of the modern world. Hardly ever is a camp closed down. Camps are swelling in order to offer refuge against continuing or newly emerging dangers. Generations stay for decades in one and the same camp. They are doomed to die on the same dumping-ground where they were born.

by Jan Pronk