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Q. What are the main problems faced by the Mapuches in Chile? 

by Shukria Dini

Farris, Sara, 'Interregional Migration: The challenge for gender and development', in Development, Vol. 53.1, 'New Institutions for Development'. Full article in PDF

Angela Zarro in response to Bethany Ojalehto and Jacob Akech

Bethany Ojalehto, in response to Jacob Akech

Jacob Akech in response to Bethany Ojalehto

by Mikael Roman

The climate change policy processs — although very fascinating and challenging — is not necessarily the politically most adequate. I agree with Jan Pronk's analysis about the reasons behind the failure of the Copenhagen summit. However, I have some objections to the solution he proposes. The reason is that my analysis starts from a different assumption. I look at the issue from a more political and less hard-science perspective.