Areas of Engagement


by Susan Ossman

Animated conversations about the intensification of mobility and its relationship to emerging political forms and programs have circled around figures of the immigrant, the cosmopolitan and the nomad. Yet these discussions often seem rather abstract and unconnected to the actual study of how particular forms of mobility might lead to the creation of new social categories or shape political subjects.

Q. It is suggested that a global land rush is taking place. What does it mean? Which evidences and feedbacks does the coalition receive from its members?

Q. What does it mean today to be a woman in development in Africa?

by Angela Zarro

by Stephen Mutiso and Lawrence Wesley Mwagwabi

Q: What is your position with regards to the debate within Africans scholars claiming for less aid towards Africa?


Q. In your book, you and the other authors speak about the 'failure of the development industry'. Can you briefly explain the main arguments?