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Interview with Mariano and Benito de Miguel, SIDbaires Chapter, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Angela Zarro (AZ): SIDbaires is one of the oldest chapters of SID. According to your experience, how has SID shaped over the years in the achievement of its mission and vision?

Q. Your new book  'Red Soil and Roasted Maize' presents a collection of new and past articles on Kenya. How does the contemporary Kenya look like?

SID Netherlands Chapter has recently launched the short lecture series Agriculture, Rural Employment and Inclusive Growth in cooperation with the International Institute of Social Studies in The Hague. The aim of this lecture series is to bring together critical minds within the field of rural development studies as valuable input into the academic and policy debate surrounding agriculture and food security.

by Kwame Owino

In response to Dick McCall and Arthur Muliro on Governance Participation and New Social Contracts.

by Barbara Seligman and Alyson Lipsky

On the occasion of the visit of the Swedish cabinet minister for International Development Cooperation, Ms Gunilla Carlsson, SID Regional Office for Eastern Africa, together with FAHAMU and the Embassy of Sweden in Kenya, will hold a one-day conference on