Areas of Engagement


by Kwame Owino

In response to Dick McCall and Arthur Muliro on Governance Participation and New Social Contracts.

by Barbara Seligman and Alyson Lipsky

On the occasion of the visit of the Swedish cabinet minister for International Development Cooperation, Ms Gunilla Carlsson, SID Regional Office for Eastern Africa, together with FAHAMU and the Embassy of Sweden in Kenya, will hold a one-day conference on

by Fatma Alloo

Society has always talked of peace and security and sustainable development and common statement like investing in women makes good business sense is a clichè in the UN language and development world of aid donors and recipients.


Advisory Council on International Affairs (AIV): Towards a new development cooperation agenda

*Press release, The Hague, 20 May 2011 

The Millennium Development Goals are eight time-related, quantifiable international agreements to make real progress in reducing poverty and promoting development by 2015. An international conference will be held on the status of the agreements in Tokyo on 2 and 3 June 2011.