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The Society for International Development and Maanisha! will be co-hosting an open forum and discussion on how the youth and young professionals of Tanzania can best engage and interact with the East African Community and regional integration process anchored by SID's publication The State of East Africa 2012: Deepening Integration, Intensifying Challenges. The discussions will be driven by four tenets that young East Africans care about: Health, Jobs, Education and Aspirations. Do these factors align with the priorities of regional integration?

Given the current global economic climate and increased scepticism from the public, should ODA still be considered the viable way forward in terms of future economic/financial policy towards the developing world? What are the alternative frameworks that challenge the existing organizational structure? This VIDEO provides a summary of the discussion and main lectures delivered by the experts. It features OECD-DAC chair J. Brian Atwood, BiD Network Director Thierry Sanders, and FMO Chair Nanno Kleiterp.

by Shukria Dini. Structural violence, the absence of state, state institutions, the absence of social services and the rule of law in Somalia for over two decades has perpetuated socio-economic and security threats of a large population and in some cases, destroyed the lives of Somali girls and most of all denied them a chance of growing up in a stable environment, experience a joyful and secure girlhood like other girls in secure countries.

by Shobha Raghuram. The Rio+20 'Future We Want'  is a 53-page document, an outcome of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (A/CONF.216/L.1*, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 20-22 June 2012). This document deserves to be read by all citizens, not because it provides us hope for serious change but because it reminds us of the platitudinous nature of global diplomatic discourse.

The Status of Governance in Kenya: A baseline Survey Report 2012

Tuesday 2 October | 'Policy Interventions for a Green Economy: True Price: Putting a Price on Nature? This discussion with Larry Lohman (The Corner House, uk) and Adrian de Groot-Ruiz (Radboud University Nijmegen) will be moderated by Bram Büscher of the ISS. The colloquium series ‘Critical Engagements with a Green Economy’ continues at the International Institute of Social Studies in The Hague with a sharp discussion on True Price.The programme and background paper can be found here.

What is going on in today’s fierce world is not humane, nor is it sustainable’ Gita Sen.

Preview: Sudan, South Sudan, and Darfur: What Everyone Needs to Know

The Career fair is one of the key events organized every year by the SID Washington Chapter with the aim of creating connections among youth and the development community. It is addressed to entry level and mid-level professionals.
Highlights include