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by Khaita Sylla

Senegal has just completed an electoral process having held presidential and legislative elections respectively in February/March and July 2012. This article is a post election reading of the process that looks at youth’s contribution.

Betty Maina is the Chief Executive of Kenya’s Association of Manufacturers, one of the country’s leading business associations with some 700 members. Ms. Maina was previously at the Institute of Economic Affairs, the Center for International Private Enterprise, and the Kenya Leadership Institute, among others. She served on Denmark’s Africa Commission and currently sits on various boards in the public sector.

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By Pincas Jawetz, SID Vienna Chapter

A longer version of this article first appeared on It analyzes the preparations to the Conference, in Rio at the time of the June 2012 Conference, and further meetings in Vienna held as part of the 54 International Congress of Americanists (ICA).

Excerpt from the article

by Christopher Rosin and Paul Stock

As a special surprise the participants of the foodFirst conference will be offered a small treat developed by Too Good To Waste. This enthusiastic group won NCDO’s Battle of the Cheetahs, a competition aimed at challenging young professionals  to come up with smart ideas for global food issues. At the Floriade a movie will be showed presenting their first recycled food product: gazpacho made with overripe tomatoes.

by Wendy Harcourt

It seems incredible in these days of economic crisis that over 2,200 women (and some men) found the time and money to fly to Istanbul for a discussion on gender and economic justice at the AWID Forum 2012. Registrations closed a week before the event opened and the majority of the 800 organizations and individuals who answered the call for sessions and papers could not be accommodated.

SIDbaires’ seminar on the topic of development consisted of a series of nine conferences covering SIDbaires’ core definition of development including macroeconomics; political systems and public policies; international integration; labor market; social security and social policies; communication; gender diversity and science and technology. Each of the speakers related their areas of expertise to a general notion of development. More than 150 attended the seminar.

The conference is the closing session of the SID 2011-2012 Lecture Series The State in a Globalizing World: problematic, yet indispensable, aimed at understanding the changing role of the nation state, and its relations with other actors including other states, corporates and civil society.  The conference will look at the role of the state in providing public goods, and the experience with public-private partnerships in providing drinking water to households in Africa. What works and what does not?