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Launch of policy brief 'Deliver Women Farmers Rights'

The policy brief was developed jointly with ActionAid International, Bonatadu, Femnet, Groots, Faith Victory Association, Resseau de Femmes, Society for International Development, and Widows and Orphans Movement.

Oakland, CA — Every spring for the last fifteen years, the World Bank has organized the “Conference on Land and Poverty,” which brings together corporations, governments and civil society groups. The aim is ostensibly to discuss how to “improve land governance.”

Whereas the 16th conference will take place in Washington D.C. from March 23 to 27, hundreds of civil society organizations are denouncing the World Bank’s role in global land grabs and its deceitful leadership on land issues.

Thursday March 12th the Post 2015 Women's Coalition launched their Vision Statement for feminist alternative approaches to sustainable development.  The Coalition made up of feminist, women's rights, women's development, grassroots, peace and social justice organizations from around the world have come to attend the 59th Annual Commission on the Status of Women to call in a collective voice for real progress in the lives of women.

There has been tremendous progress toward gender equality and the realization of the human rights of women and girls. However, many of the gains that women and girls have made are under threat and women and girls worldwide face extraordinary and unprecedented challenges, including economic inequality, climate change and ocean acidification, and rising, violent fundamentalisms.

Brief history on BPfA processes

The 1999 (Beijing +5) review noted that progress had been made since the 1995 world conference, although more needed to be done to tackle poverty and violence, trafficking in women and girls and women's participation in political decision making.

The key issues that arose from the 2004 (Beijing +10) included the continued low representation of women in decision-making, inequality in employment and economic activities, unequal access to social and economic resources.

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Gender has always been a key area of interest for SID since its inception in 1957. Similarly, the journal Development has explored gender and development issues widely considering gender as a key pillar towards the promotion of a human centred and sustainable development