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by Stefano Prato | Livestock systems generate key challenges in the intersection of livelihoods, health and environmental concerns. Under the forces of globalization, sustainable mixed crops-livestock food farming systems are increasingly being transformed into specialized and distinct intensive industrial systems of livestock production and crop production, driving or aggravating multiple intertwined crises. The CFS endorsed a set of policy recommendations to helps countries tackle these challenges, though the agenda remains unfinished.

Brussels/Washington DC, October 11 2017. A new campaign aimed at reversing the dangerous rush to promote expensive and high-risk public-private partnerships (PPPs) was launched on October 11 by civil society organisations from all over the globe. 

The campaign’s manifesto - launched during the World Bank and International Monetary Fund annual meetings in Washington DC - demands that western governments, the World Bank and other development banks stop prioritising PPPs over traditional public borrowing to finance social and economic infrastructure and services. 

FIAN International assessment on the State of Food Security and Nutrition (SOFI) 2017

The International Conference on Financing for Development (FFD or ‘the Conference’) was held in Monterrey in 2002. More than 50 heads of State and Government, over 200 ministers of finance, foreign affairs, development and trade, attended it. From an institutional and process perspective, FFD’s features and ambitions made it unique among conferences convened by the United Nations.

SID's quarterly journal Development Vol. 59.1/2 explores visions, strategies and proposals on Financing for Development that challenge the notion that trillions of dollars are needed to pursue sustainable development. Real progress requires something that money cannot buy: political commitment and policy change.

Human Rights and Business: Towards a regulation of economic actors?

4 October 2017, H 10:00 AM, Fondazione Lelio Basso, Via della Dogana Vecchia,5 Rome, Italy

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Follow the international launch at FAO HQ in Rome on 26 September, live on our Facebook page here from 12:30 to 14:00

With the world still trapped in a multifold crisis, this year’s Right to Food and Nutrition Watch  will take stock of the past decade and present thought-provoking discussions and alternative solutions for finding our way out.

Civil Society activists critique first week of deliberations at High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development

Global spotlight report challenges the notion that “trillions of private finance” are needed to advance SDG implementation and  highlights the centrality of public policies and investments, pointing out how developed countries’ refusal to any meaningful democratization of global economic governance remains the key obstacle to unlocking the necessary means of implementation

Global Spotlight Report says SDG2 is only achievable if present food systems change towards  agroecological diversification and food sovereignty.