Access to Energy for All. The Role of Local Initiatives. Upcoming 4-5 June

SID Vienna Chapter is pleased to announce the workshop 'Access to Energy for All - the Role of Local Initiatives', on 4-5 June 2012. The workshop is part of the 2012 workshop series, 'Local initiatives for energy management', an initiative of SID Vienna Vice President, Uwe Schubert. 

excerpt from the background note

The access to energy is a key issue now and for the years to come. Energy is an indispensable factor of production as well as a necessary prerequisite for the use of many consumption goods and services, among these modern communication and learning services. Development hence critically depends on its availability, affordability and common access for all. The prevalent system of energy supply, based mainly on fossil fuels, and in peripheral regions also on traditional bio fuels, faces serious challenges. It is widely acknowledged today that the present system is not sustainable. The threats being faced are the expected shrinking of finite, economically reasonably exploitable fossil resources (“peak-oil”), as well as the negative impacts of their use on the world climate. The transition to a new, sustainable energy future is already on its way and policies to promote change are being designed and increasingly implemented.
These workshops constitute the core of a broader project extending over the whole of the summer semester 2012 .The goal of the workshops is to promote a dialogue between academia (scholars, researchers and students), representatives of local initiatives and policy-makers responsible for driving sustainable development objectives. The workshops complement a series of lectures that are being held at the participating universities as well occasional talks organized by the Vienna chapter of SID on issues related to sustainable development. Its direct beneficiaries are students and young academics from the participating universities, as well as leaders of local initiatives and policy-makers from developing countries. The two-day meeting will also offer opportunities for direct discussions and networking among the participants.

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photo credits: Kreative Eye - Dean McCoy/flickr