About SID Membership

Join the Society for International Development and you will be part of a large and lively global network of individuals and institutions interested in development! 

Through its programmes and activities carried out by the international secretariat (with headquarters in Rome and Nairobi) and by chapters located worldwide, SID brings together people and institutions from different countries worldwide and acts as a unique global space for innovative thinking and critical reflection around development policy and practices.

Most SID members are organised into local chapters through which they have the opportunity to engage in development initiatives and events (such as conferences, seminars, lecture series, round tables, advocacy campaigns, charity events) in their locale maintaining a strong link with the territory.

SID chapters work closely with public and private institutions, civil society and academic bodies, offering to their members additional spaces of encounter and exchange about development issues. Policy makers, students, development experts and professionals from different sectors have the opportunity to confront theory and practices, discuss current policies and identify alternative views about development.

By adopting such a distinctive approach that is holistic and multi-stakeholder, SID chapters are able to contribute to the national/regional development agenda with respect to the broader international context.  Their activities provide the connecting link between the local and the global development debates. 

Fees and Benefits

Chapter's fees and benefits may vary from case to case. Please refer to local chapters for detailed information. Beyond specific chapter's benefits, all SID members, regardless to their point of affiliation, are entitled to receive a bulk of additional services. More about fees and benefits

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Join SID and you will be part of a large and lively global network of individuals and institutions interested in development!