2021 East African Energy Futures Writing Contest

Society for International Development in partnership with Heinrich Boll Stiftung, invites youths aged between 18 to 35 years to take part in the 2021 East African Energy Futures Writing Contest.  
The objective of this contest is to provide a non-polarized platform for youths to identify local emerging trends, assess existing knowledge, share best practices, ideas and solutions towards a sustainable energy future in East Africa.  
Youths looking to make submissions should address at least 2 barriers to the uptake of sustainable forms of energy in their country of origin and/or East Africa.  
Some of the barriers we have identified through our projects are (but not limited to): 
  • Lack of specific (or clarity in) policy, regulations, and technical standards. 
  • Lack of political goodwill and competing interests.  
  • Weak   enforcement   of   standards   and   regulations   which   breeds corruption. 
  • Bureaucratic process in licensing of RE projects. 
  • Low number of trained and accredited personnel. 
  • Lack of collaboration among stakeholders  
  • Incoherent and inaccessible/insufficient data on the market chain from production, distribution to adoption. 
  • Rampant theft and vandalism of solar PV systems. 
  • Proliferation of sub-standard products. 
  • Poor consumer awareness on the benefits, availability, and affordability of solar systems  
  • Appropriate and affordable financing options or knowledge thereof. 
  • Inadequate infrastructure to support Renewable energy. 
  • Land disputes (for example dispute in community lands).
  • Language: Essay is to be written in English
  • Submission Format: Essay should be submitted as either Word or PDF
  • Writer’s Bio: Essay should include a brief bio (Name, Country, Age, Institution) not more than 100 words
  • Word Count: A maximum of 2,000 words (without including referencing and bio)
  • Referencing Style: Use APA referencing style with all reference listed in alphabetical order and any online article accessed should include the full URL and date of access
  • Writing Font: Use clear and accessible writing font with reasonable font size (Example Times New Roman, Calibri)
  • Layout: Do not use complicated indentation, alignment should be Justified
  • Titles & Main Headings: These should be in bold as well as subheadings
The selected winner of the writing contest will: 
  1. Have an opportunity to be published and
  2. Invited to a weeklong Sustainable Energy Site Visit and Retreat
The submission window is open as from Wednesday 13, October 2021 and closes on Wednesday 10, November 2021.
How to Submit 
For submissions, send in your essays to: sidsec.nbo@sidint.org  
The email subject should include EA Energy Futures Writing Contest + your name. 
For more information visit the SID website : www.sidint.net or send an email to sidsec.nbo@sidint.org