September 2018

Ten Years from the Crisis: Finance rules the world, let's change the rules

#TenYearsOn #ChangeFinance

One decade ago, on 15th September 2008, the US investment bank Lehman Brothers collapsed, marking the start of the financial crisis. Banks crashed and got bailed out with billions of taxpayer’s money. Today, 10 years after the financial crisis, the financial system remains strongly unregulated and dangerous to people, market, and society. The financial powers and institutions are behaving as if the lesson of ten years ago did not get learned at all. 

Energy for Whom? Launch of the new SID report on energy futures in Eastern Africa

According to the International Energy Agency’s Africa Energy Outlook 2014 publication, “More than 200 million people in East Africa are without electricity, around 80% of its population. Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda are among the most populous countries in East Africa and have the largest populations both with and without access to electricity.”

In 2016, SID launched an ‘Energy Futures’ initiative that sought to look at possible future scenarios for energy and how these would affect energy poverty in four selected countries of Eastern Africa.