January 2013

Sunu2012: une plate-forme Web au service de la démocratie

SUNU2012 is a web based project conceived to improve people access to information, political participation, transparency of democratic processes and accountability of politicians. SUNU is at the same time a tool of information and a space for sharing and participation available for  the Senegalese citizens. It has been conceived and launched in 2011 by Cheick Fall, a young activist and journalist based in Dakar, together with a network of Senegalese bloggers, as a response to the request by the Senegalese people of more transparency in the political processes.

Transformations versus Retention by Al-Amin Kheraj

by Al-Amin Kheraj. To transform, simply put, is to change significantly. In mathematics for instance, transformation implies that one set of variables in an expression are replaced with another set, or that one space maps onto another space.

To retain, similarly, is to recall experience. In learning for instance, retention implies the capacity to remember and re-use the material that has been learned.

Dreams vs Reality for East Africa, by Ruth Aine

by Ruth Aine. The East African integration process has gone through quite a metamorphosis dating as far back as the 1960's as envisioned by the late Tanzanian President Julius Nyerere. Today it has 5 countries: Burundi, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya. Will this integration process soon become a reality? And if it does: what does it mean for the citizens of these five countries? These were some of the many questions that we asked ourselves as we met for the first ever East Africa Future Day on the 12th of November 2012 in Nairobi, Kenya.