December 2012

Global Values in a Changing World

This book combines views and recommendations by international experts, academics and activists. It explores the connection between internationally agreed norms, standards, and common goods and the way they can be realised in world that is both globalised and localised. Contributors include: Paul Collier(OxfordUniversity), Kate Nash (Goldsmiths, University of London), Willem van Genugten (TilburgUniversity), Shi Yinhong (Renmin University of China) and many others.

Development 55.4 African Strategies for Transformation out now!

There are two worlds, two narratives, two distinct ways of feeling African today in Africa: the old Africa of failures and the disappointments of recent decades with their persisting pessimism, and a new Africa seeking change, innovation and new opportunities, with a new class of young leaders in the public, private and civic sectors pushing beyond the old stereotypes and cultivating new energies and a new sense of optimism. 

The cynics, optimists, and pirates are all making Africa beautiful by Charles Onyango-Obbo

Introduction to Development issue 55.4 'African Strategies for Transformation'

by Charles Onyango-Obbo. There are two dominant positions about Africa today and in the near future: on the one side, a heady optimism that envisions ‘Africa Rising’, and on the other a cynicism that sees a continent still trapped in ‘darkness’. In between you find the simply weary, mildly celebratory, and nearly indifferent.