April 2012

The Relevance of the State in a Globalizing World - forthcoming lecture, May 2012

Tak-Wing Ngo, University of Macau in China, will discuss the several contradictory trends that states are presently facing. These include on the one hand the rise of multinationals, the increase in international labour migration and the proliferation of transnational civil networks, which has eroded the conventional boundary and jurisdiction of the state. Other trends, like the global financial crisis and the environmental challenge, are highlighting the relevance of the state in dealing with collective action problems.  In these circumstances, what will be the future role of the state?

The State of East Africa 2012. Deepening Integration, Intensifying Challenges

Nairobi, 2 April 2012:  'The final responsibility for shaping East Africa’s future lies with its citizens'. This is one of the key conclusions of a new State of East Africa Report 2012: Deepening Integration, Intensifying Challenges, published by the Society for International Development (SID), with support from TradeMark East Africa (TMEA).