September 2011

Sorting Out an Irresponsible Generation...Ideas for Rio+20


In this interview Felix Dodds, Executive Director of Multistakeholder Forum and chair of the 64th Annual UN Conference for Non Governmental Organisations (Bonn, Sept 3-5), speaks about the latest proposals and achievements of civil society towards Rio Plus 20, introduces the Sustainable Development Goals, and suggests five key challenges ahead of us towards a more sustainable future.


How is the preparatory process going on and which are your expectations about the Earth Summit?

Building Blocks for a Consensus

by Jan Pronk

During the last two decades quite a few developing countries have been able to reach rather high rates of economic growth. The traditional North-South divide seems to be behind us. Formerly stagnant developing countries have joined a group of emerging economies. In these countries, and also in still poor developing countries many people nowadays belong to a middle class with incomes substantially above subsistence level.