August 2011

Are We Moving Towards a Sustainable Future? Reflections from the SID World Congress

by Angela Zarro

We are living in a moment of uncertainty, when we need to ask the right questions and find the right answers, SID President Jan Pronk said at the opening speech of the SID World Congress 2011 on July 29. Is the current crisis a consequence of a development process that has inherently lead to a widening gap between those who have the resources and those who stay behind? Or is it due to policy mistakes made by individual national countries? Do we need to review the concept of development itself or is it the world system in disarray?

Responses to the Care Crisis. UNFPA-SID meeting in Washington D.C.

SID together with UNFPA held a brainstorming meeting on responses to care crisis on July 28th in Washington, DC, just before the SID World Congress 2011. The care crisis is not new, but as Jacqueline Pitanguy from Brazil pointed out, the broader economic crisis is increasing women's work burden as the often invisible and uncounted work of care of the ill and the vulnerable in the family, community and society falls on women.