February 2011

Selmyah! Selmyah! A semantic revolution

by Lamis Shejni

So many words have been used (not as much as those that will be once all events have unfolded) to describe, define, deconstruct and reinvent the Egyptian 25th January Revolution. 2011 seems too old and wise to experience a 'revolution': a lexical that takes our imagination back to last century, if not earlier. Personally, it stimulates the visualization of Karl Marx's white beard, maybe because it is so similar to Ayatollah Khomeini, and the 1979 Iranian revolution: the first memories of my existence!

Away from Tahrir Square

by Aya El-Hilaly

Tahrir Square has been the focus of world's media since a group of young Egyptians called for a peaceful demonstration on January 25. Many of us thought it would be like one of the many demonstrations seen in the last year. Demonstrators called for social justice, human dignity, and fair wages. The brutal conduct of the central security forces against the demonstrators resulted in a lot of public anger.

A Revolution It Is!

by Ziad Abdel Tawab 

Yesterday, on 10 February I was standing in the middle of Tahrir square surrounded by millions of Egyptians, watching as my friends began to weep in response to a defiant speech by Mubarak in which he refused to step down. A friend of mine, in an attempt to revive hope yelled out 'We are revolutionaries! We don't cry! We haven't been defeated!' A few questions must be raised and most importantly: is this a wide spread popular uprising or a revolution?