November 2010

Migration and Development. Interview with Alexander Betts

In this interview, Alexander Betts (Oxford University) explains the concept of survival migrants, and how it differs from that of refugees and forced migrants. He describes how the debate on migration and development has evolved in the last decade and what governments, institutions and development cooperation need to do in order to strenghten the global governance of migration.

After Copenhagen and Before Cancun: What is going on with climate change?

In December 2009 the whole world was watching the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. The outcome of the negotiations has been regarded as a failure since the goal - a legally binding document to replace the Kyoto Protocols expiring in 2012 was not reached. A year later, the 2010 United Nations Climate Change Conference will be held in Cancun, Mexico.

Gender and Health: The economic and social impact of Tuberculosis on women

The 2010 mHealth Summit took place from November 8-10th in Washington, D.C. It explored 'ways mobile technology can increase the access, quality and efficiency of healthcare to millions of families around the globe'. The Summit in particular addressed sustainable healthcare solutions to help people who do not currently have access to medical information or treatment. The Global Strategy for Saving Lives through Innovation