October 2010

Conversation on Body, Gender and Empowerment

Body, gender and empowerment: a conversation with Chloe Schwenke (USA), Alexandru Balasescu (Romania), Hulda Ouma (Kenya), Wendy Harcourt (Australia/Italy). 

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The issues of gender and empowerment, while fading out the development agenda - are being increasingly addressed and highlighted by icons of popular culture - as pointed out in the editorial of SID Development Vol. 53.2 on 'Gender and Empowerment'.

SID Netherlads new book on 'Economic Growth and the Common Good. From crisis to sustainable development'

Twenty years ago, economic planning and protectionism were held responsible for poverty and stagnation. Nowadays it is the market that is blamed, not only for increased poverty and income inequality, but also for the dismantling of public services and ecological destruction. Yesterday's solutions have become today's problems. Liberalization and privatization have left people and environment at the mercy of the free market. The mightiest are reaping the benefits, the weakest are footing the bill.