Gender Equality

Civil Society Organizations were discussing the progress made in the field of women's and girls' rights 20 years since the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action (BDPfA) was adopted.
Eleven years ago, African states made formidable progress by jointly adopting the Protocol to the African Charter on the Rights of Women in Africa, also known as the Maputo Protocol - regarded as one of the most progressive women’s and human rights instruments in the world.
Women’s rights and civil society organisations from over 14 countries in the continent recently gathered in Kampala Uganda to discuss and draw a road map towards ensuring gender equality in the post 2015 development agenda and determining what they would want to see for the African continent. In a...
We recognize that the Common African Position (CAP) has strong commitments to ensure that "No person - regardless of ethnicity, gender, geography, disability, race or other status - is denied universal human rights and basic economic opportunities." African Heads of State specifically highlighted...
by Ali Hersi & Marren Akatsa-Bukachi. There are several commitments and outcomes to gender mainstreaming efforts in Africa. However, the implementation of these commitments has in many occasions been ignored, and in fact, not much is said to have changed.
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In this interview Zohra Khan of UN Women provides an overview around the Gender Responsive Budgeting approach, its achievements so far and major challenges ahead as a possible strategy to face up with the crisis, in poor countries as well as in rich economies.
by Akoko Akech. Despite the promise of a new constitution, arguably, East Africa’s most progressive or liberal constitution, Kenya still has the lowest level of women representation in key places of decision making and could face a serious constitutional crisis, if it does not find a...