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SIDbaires website: The official website of the SID Buenos Aires Chapter (Argentina). The website presents a selection of articles in spanish published in the major magazines and newspapers of the region, focusing on development and international affairs. Many of these articles are authored by key experts and opinion leaders from within and around the SIDbaires chapter. 
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36 SID Berlin website: The Berlin chapter aims at raising awareness and exchanging knowledge among young students and professionals. The website (in German only) presents information on the latest publications and events, carried out on a volunteer basis by a group of students and young professionals within the university.  
37 SIDEastAfrica Twitter feeds:This is the official twitter feed of the SID Regional Office for Eastern Africa, featuring news about development trends and dynamics in the region

SID Forum:This is precisely where you are now! A contents space established and run by the SID international secretariat, conceived to generate informed conversation and critical reflection on development issues. You can read here interviews and opinions of development experts from within and around the SID network. News about major events and publications of SID chapters are also avaialble here. 

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SID Group on LinkedIn: This is a very popular group on the LinkedIn platform, with more than 2500 followers. It is moderated by Karsten Weitzegger of the SID Hamburg Chapter. This group offers a vast range of conversations on key issues related to aid and development. 

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48 SID Netherlands weblog: This blog provides information about SID NL Lecture Series, a key national event of SID NL Chapter, addressing every year different themes of international development. This year lecture series focuses on 'The State in a Globalizing World'. Reports, background papers, information about speakers and abstracts of the books produced by the chapter at the end of each lecture series, are avaialble here. 
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49 SID Washington website: SID Washington Chapter is a leading membership based organization concerned to development in the US. The website is a useful platform for students and young practitioners who are interested to engage in the development community. In addtion to the various events organized by the Chapter, the website provides information about career days and workgroups events for students and young professionals in development. 
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