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In 2014 Development Volume 57 is devoted to the wider dialogue of the future of development, featuring a series of innovative debates on the post 2015 development discussion. We have collaborated with leading organisations to gain further insight into various key areas and how we can find positive ways of tackling the challenges we will face on the post-2015 agenda. The four issues in the 2014 Volume will have the following themes:

Shared Societies, Vol. 57 issue 1 - Special issue with the Club of Madrid

This issue will look at the concept of Shared Societies and how it can be utilised for inclusive and sustainable development. It will focus on what it could contribute to the post-2015 development objectives and the implications of this concept for rethinking the current approaches to social and economic development.

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Nutrition, Vol. 57 issue 2    Upcoming...
In the context of the Second International Conference on Nutrition, this issue explores the relationship between nutrition, food security and sustainable agriculture and how to address its challenges in the post-2015 development discussion.
Inequalities, Vol. 57 issue 3 - Special issue with Organising Committee of the Pan-African Conference on Inequalities
Despite continuous development efforts, inequalities of various aspects persist at high levels in many countries and particularly Africa. Building on the outcomes of the Pan-African Conference on Inequalities, Development will be focusing on the challenges of inclusion and equity and explore ways to tackle inequalities in the context of structural transformation.
Sustainable Industrial Transformation, Vol. 57 issue 4 - Special issue with UNIDO
It is widely recognisable that industrialisation can have a positive effect on sustainable development. This edition of Development will consider some of the modern approaches to industrial policymaking and how it can create a new foundation for the role of industrialisation in the development thinking and philosophy.