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In 2013 Development volume 56 interrogates What is the future of development...

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As a result of editorial changes, the Journal is continuing to experience significant publishing delays. While sincerely apologizing for the inconvenience, the Society for International Development would like to restate its full commitment to publish all pending issues and restore a normal production schedule by the end of the 2014 calendar year. Issue 56.3 on The "Future of Global Governance" will publish in early April while Issue 56.4 on "Foresight and Policy" will publish shortly thereafter. Volume 57 will then feature a series of cutting-edge issues on various key areas of the post-2015 development discussion. The full line-up will be posted on the Journal website by the end of March 2014.

At a time when development is the topic of policy debate, of global summits and of activist protests, the journal discusses on the one hand, what shape will the development agenda take as policymakers and analysts build upon international global agreements; on the other hand, given the overall context of rising inequality, recurrent crises, social frustrations, planetary limits, and global tensions, it provocatively interrogates whether development does even have a future.

From economists to policymakers, from activists to opinion leaders - all the players on the international development stage are involved in conflicting debates on what works, what should work, and what could work. Is it right then that at the moment we seem to be celebrating not the decisions made at global summits but merely the fact that the summit took place at all? Similarly much of civil society contents itself with celebrating opportunities provided by the meeting, the coming together, rather than any conclusive results. The conversation becomes a reiteration of problems rather than solutions.

Over the next three years we are devoting the journal to the larger question of the future of development, looking beneath that broad topic to the role played by strategy, technology, politics and the economy.

The four issues in the 2013 Volume will have the following themes:


The Future of Development

October 2013 

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The Future of the Economy

December 2013

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175 The Future of Global Governance
176 The Future of Energy

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