Next issue of SID Development Journal features 'Rural Transformations'

Development Volume 58.2/3 on 'Rural Transformations'

Many identify the rural space with survival and livelihoods rather than opportunities and innovation; the locus where the tensions between tradition and modernity are more tangible. As the international community launches the implementation of the recently adopted 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, rural transformation is becoming one of the new buzzwords with profoundly different meanings across different constituencies. This journal issue will explore the concept of rural modernity, something many consider an oxymoron, and the nature and drivers of different forms of rural transformations, exposing how the legitimate perspective of rural communities as central subjects of these processes is often challenged by the hegemonic and homogenizing forces that drive the evolution of the global food system. The Journal will also move beyond traditional dichotomies between urban and rural spaces and explore the dynamic osmotic relations along the urban/rural transitions.

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Photo: Farmers harvest millet in Mali, by Icrisat Hope, Flickr